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William Hopkins named associate executive director of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute

William Hopkins will join the Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech as associate executive director, effective immediately.

In his new role, Hopkins will assist Matt Hulver, executive director, and his leadership team as they develop and implement the vision and strategic directions for the Fralin Life Sciences Institute to tackle grand life science challenges at the interface of the environment and the human condition.

Hopkins will assist Hulver in identifying strategic opportunities that leverage and capitalize on existing expertise and infrastructure at Virginia Tech. Hopkins is also the founding director of the Global Change Center and the director of the Interfaces of Global Change Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.

“Hopkins is a dynamic and compelling leader whose passion for the institute’s research and expertise in tackling global change will energize faculty, students, and staff, ” said Hulver.

The Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech a strategic university investment committed to improving the human condition by supporting life sciences research, education, and outreach across Virginia Tech and the world.

“Since joining Virginia Tech about 15 years ago, I have witnessed the positive impact that our investment institutes have on the research enterprise, experiential learning, graduate training, and translational outcomes.  I’ve seen these impacts firsthand, as the Fralin Life Sciences Institute has had a tremendous influence on my own career and the careers of dozens of my colleagues,” said Hopkins. “I am excited to take on this new role where I can give back and help support an organization focused on some of the most pressing global challenges of our time, such as climate resiliency, invasive species, and infectious diseases, with the institute’s talented faculty and staff.”

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