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Radford University partners with 1901 Group to enhance tech talent pipeline

A recent industry partnership with 1901 Group, a thriving cybersecurity and cloud technologies company, has enabled students in Radford University’s Department of Information Technology to gain valuable experience and skillsets in one of the Commonwealth’s fastest-growing and in-demand job markets.

Last fall, Radford University announced the partnership with the Reston-based cloud computing company that also operates a center in neighboring Blacksburg, Virginia. The company is expanding at both locations, which is projected to create 805 new jobs, including 580 in Montgomery County.

Through the partnership, 1901 Group has joined the University’s Applied Research Center (ARC), an industry consortium in the Artis College of Science and Technology that brings together students, faculty and regional industry partners to explore emerging enterprise technologies. The ARC provides real-world learning experiences and encourages students to interact with industry professionals, thus enhancing the University’s tech talent pipeline.

“Attracting, developing and retaining premium talent is crucial for our industry, and we are excited to join Radford University to support this mission,” said Sonu Singh, 1901 Group CEO. “Our long-standing relationship with Radford University provides students with a meaningful work experience and educational opportunities through mock interviews, internships, real-world projects and permanent positions. Hands-on industry experience with cloud technologies increases job opportunities as it reduces the time, expense and risk of hiring new graduates.”

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