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Oransi and Aviemore announce merger

Air purification company Oransi has announced it has entered into a merger agreement with motion control technology company, Aviemore, of Radford.

Oransi announced in April that it will invest $5.6 million to establish its first manufacturing facility in the Plymouth Building in Radford — and will create 101 new jobs.

The merger does not impact the April announcement and it expands Oransi’s ability and opportunity for other products, according to a company spokesperson.

Oransi will utilize Aviemore’s unique proprietary technologies to create air purifiers at its new manufacturing facility in Radford, according to a news release.

The complementary nature of the two firms, coupled with the proprietary technologies acquired by Oransi from the merger, presents a substantial opportunity for the air purification company to better achieve its performance, costing, and sustainability goals, according to the release.

Oransi will innovate and manufacture a high-quality air moving system in its air purifiers for consumers, businesses and professionals in the dental, hospitality, educational, and medical fields, according to the release.

“We are thrilled about the unique product development opportunities this merger will create,” said Oransi CEO Peter Mann, in the release. “We’re continuing our rapid expansion while delivering unparalleled quality with our American-designed and American-made air purification products that consumers, businesses, schools, and the professionals in the health fields love,” concluded Mann.

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