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NRCC students nearly break world record for rocket car speed

Multiple New River Community College students were on the cusp Monday of breaking the Guinness World Records mark for fastest 3D printed cars in the unlimited rocket-powered model car division.

It wasn’t the gusty winds or rain from the night before that thwarted attempts to break the record . Instead, the durability of the plastic that the 3D printed cars were constructed from failed to hold up for the second time trial needed to certify the records.

Frey said that his students’ model cars went significantly faster than 204 mph, the current world record, because the motors they used on Monday were larger in scale than the ones used to achieve the earlier mark.

First- and second-year students tested their cars at the Motor Mile Speedway’s drag strip in Fairlawn, with the latter group attempting to break the world record, which required two completed runs to be completed within an hour of each other.

He said that after making onsite adjustments, the cars started working properly and a top speed of 293 mph was recorded by Wesley Mashburn and Daniel Tsang.

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