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Now More Than Ever We Need Ecosystem Builders

Governments at all levels have recognized the devastating impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and small businesses and they have rallied with funding and loan programs in an effort to shore up that vital segment of the economy. Witnessing this recognition of the vital role of entrepreneurs in the economy has been encouraging. While it’s been heartening to see government and industry step up in recent weeks to infuse entrepreneurship and small businesses with needed capital, there’s another group of people who have been working, often unnoticed and unheralded, behind the scenes, to support and catalyze entrepreneurs for years — ecosystem builders. And, with the exponential challenges brought about by pandemic, entrepreneurs and communities will need ecosystem builders more than ever.

The Role of Ecosystem Builder

If entrepreneurship is the life blood of the economy, ecosystem builders are the circulatory system, the arteries and veins that facilitate the flow of ideas, resources, connections, and collaborations in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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