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Native Roanokers launch app for family productivity

What started as a project to help kids learn more about banking has turned into a family productivity app, built by a team of native Roanokers.

The team of four came up with Penny Bank, an app for parents and kids to work together to manage things like money, chores and other goals.

Lead developer Ramon Terry said the pandemic is a conducive time for the app to be launched.

“This is a tool,” he said. “Parents can really keep up with their kids and kids can take initiative.”

Ryan McCoy, a software engineer; Julius Rainy Jr., a certified project manager; and Kristi Crouse, a product manager, joined Terry on Team Penny Bank. The team is part of the Blacklight Group, a project-driven technology company.

Originally, Penny Bank was meant to teach kids financial literacy, but the team pulled back to a more general productivity idea because families were spending more time together during school closures, Terry said.

“We know there’s going to be a shift in education,” he said. “We want to be a part of that movement and be ahead of the curve.”

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