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Montgomery County earns state school innovation designation

Montgomery County is one of 15 Virginia public school divisions to be recognized for innovation by the state Board of Education.

Those divisions received the “School Division of Innovation” designation for designing and implementing alternatives to traditional instructional practices and school structures that improve student learning and promote college and career readiness, and good citizenship.

Montgomery County was recognized for:

• Creating and offering new information technology curricula through dual enrollment.

• Creating new associate degree pathways.

• Developing an alternative model for professional studies.

• Embracing and supporting work-based learning experiences.

The divisions are the first to earn the designation, which was authorized by the 2017 General Assembly.

“I think it is fair to say that innovation has never been more important in public education than today as schools across the commonwealth and nation focus on improving distance learning in the face of a pandemic, while addressing inequities in opportunities and outcomes,” Board of Education President Daniel Gecker said. “I congratulate the leaders of all these school divisions for creating innovative plans to address the challenges in their schools and engage their students in deeper learning across the curriculum.”

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