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Keep tech-friendly policies in mind during election

Voters play an integral role in shaping future public policy. As we head further into an election year, an issue that all voters should consider is how candidates approach innovation policy.

The West Coast is often praised as the hotbed of innovation, but recently Virginia has been making a name for itself as a leader in the tech industry.

Our lawmakers play a major role in Americans’ ability to create, invest and produce innovative and high-quality technology and products that improve every aspect of our lives. Just think how far we’ve come in the past 20 years. The efficiency in how we communicate, travel, and learn has vastly improved for the better. With the touch of a button, we can order almost any product, call a ride, or transfer important data in seconds. And much of this is due to policies that pave the way for innovation.

To continue building on this progress, we must support candidates who want to continue to foster new growth in the tech sector. As this industry is rapidly changing, we need lawmakers who understand that commonsense regulations and pro-innovation policies are critical components to fueling life-changing technologies.

Virginia has already made significant strides as an innovation leader. This year our commonwealth was awarded the honor of Innovation Champion — the highest ranking on the Consumer Technology Association’s 2020 Innovation Scorecard.

We received this top ranking because Virginia has implemented policies, such as encouraging growth through business-friendly tax rates, having a great university system, and welcoming 5G connectivity. In fact, as of this year, 66% of households in our state are equipped with high-speed fixed broadband and 73% of households have moderate-speed broadband.

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