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Giles high-tech manufacturer looks overseas for new business strategy

NanoSonic has spent decades building a reputation and finding buyers for its line of high-tech materials, from fabrics that don’t catch on fire to coatings that resist ice formation.

But now it’s preparing to start from scratch again — this time overseas.

The 36-person company recently was accepted into the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade, or VALET, program. That means the Virginia Economic Development Partnership will help the company learn how to export products, market internationally and open up a new world of potential customers.

A lot of the company’s inventions have been for the defense industry, and NanoSonic CEO Rick Claus said he’s not interested in exporting those materials outside the country.

Michelle Berg, NanoSonic’s trade and compliance officer, said a big part of the push is going to be for the company to learn about different business cultures.

For instance, in some countries it’s not always about having the lowest price, but rather the strongest relationship with buyers. That means speaking their language, getting the right product certifications and making an effort to be involved in the local market.

“It’s about understanding a lot of the things we do here domestically and the way we relate to people is very different internationally,” Berg said.

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