WEBINAR:  Best Practices for Project Management — A Three Part Webinar Series     
May 5, 12 & 19
10:30-Noon each session  
Projects are defined as discrete work packages characterized as having set goals, specific periods of performance and limited budgets. Often these occur as a result of a special need that does not fit neatly into an organization’s mainline operations or as the result of receiving a contract from an outside source (like an SBIR or STTR). Whatever the genesis of the project, the need for proper planning, cost estimating and control are universal. In this three part webinar series, you will learn how to plan, set up and manage project cost, schedule and technical performance by establishing local, Project Manager-controllable tools to create a successful project culture.

Part 1 “Project Culture”, May 5, 10:30AM-Noon:

This session will focus on just what is Project Management, where it resides within the organization structure and introduce the basics of project planning.
What you’ll learn:

What characterizes a “PM Culture” and how to build/implement one; how to survive being assigned as “Project Manager” in a non-PM culture; how to use defined goals to plan a series of both serial and parallel tasks to get the job done; how to set up for successful a team effort (including all steak holders). What you’ll learn:

Part 2 “Project Planning”, May 12, 10:30AM-Noon:
This session will focus on the tools of Project Management with primary emphasis on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Task Authorization as the basic building blocks for project planning, cost estimating and management.
What you will learn:
How to accomplish a proper, bottoms-up cost estimate with minimal errors; how to determine manpower, material, travel and other direct costs; how to identify and avoid insurmountable bottle necks by level-loading labor requirements; how to establish truly usable project monitoring systems.
Part 3 “Project Operations”, May 19, 10:30AM-Noon:
This session will expand to cover the active management and control processes (using the tools) to affect project success.
What you will learn:
How to quickly identify and track tasks that are in need of remedial action; how to secure “buy in” from your project team and ancillary support functions; how to properly use the primary tools of project planning and management; how to use these tools for self-sustaining project monitoring & control.
Presenter: John Davis, General Manager and Chief Technical Officer of JADE Research Corporation.
  • May 5, Session 1 Project Culture
  • May 12, Session 2 Project Planning
  • May 19, Session 3 Project Operations


10:30AM-Noon Eastern — each session
Sessions will be recorded for follow on viewing.
  • Three part series: $35 for Virginia based companies, $100 for all others
  • Individual sessions: $20 each for Virginia based companies, $50 each for all others


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