Assessing and Mitigating Risk as a Small Business

COVID-19 caught us off-guard!  Next time, be better prepared by understanding where your business or organization is most vulnerable.  This two part workshop will  be interactive with each business using tools to progress through a series of exercises. At the end of the workshop, an attendee will better understand the risks their business faces from natural hazards including pandemics and have a plan to prepare for and mitigate the associated impacts.

The workshops are free, but participants will have the opportunity to choose a one on one review of their plan with the facilitators for a fee.

Day 1: September 17

Assessing Your Risk

The risk assessment workshop will include :

  • Defining risk, vulnerability, resilience, and other terminology
  • Identifying your business assets and dependencies
  • Reviewing hazard impacts – both direct and indirect
  • Considering climate change impacts
  • Accessing the impacts to your business

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