The College of Engineering at VT is hosting our annual Expo Preview the evening before the Engineering Expo for the first-year students in Hypatia and Galileo (Galipatia), our engineering living-learning communities. We have approximately 700 first-year students in this community (33% women and 14% under-represented students) as well as 163 upper-class student leaders.

All first-year Galipatia students are required to attend Expo Preview for a class assignment. As you may well know our Engineering Expo is getting more and more popular with our engineering students and overcrowding can happen. We would like to give you access to our first-year students in these communities and help reduce the crowding at the Engineering Expo career fair happening on Sept 10-12.

You can come host a booth for your company on the evening of Sept 9th and have access to over 700 engineering students at no cost to you! We are not expecting that you will have intern or co-op opportunities for these students. Our goals are for them to have the practice of a career fair experience and for them to start building relationships with you as potential future employers. You can sign up for a booth here;   You will note other opportunities to engage with our students provided as well.  We welcome your interaction with our students.