For nearly 150 years, Virginia Tech has served as a connection hub of diverse-minded thinkers, leaders, technologists, and inventors. In keeping with this tradition, Blocksburg Summit 2019 will bring blockchain thought leaders from around the world to the Virginia Tech Campus to engage in conversations at the intersection of technology, research, regulation, policy, and economics in commercial enterprises, government, and education.

This event, part of the Virginia Tech Blockchain Initiative led by Computer Science, is designed to catalyze commonwealth, federal, and private collaboration on blockchain technologies in service to the international community.

Blockchain innovators, academic experts, and policymakers from across the globe will lead and facilitate panel forums, host fireside chats, and support breakout sessions to discuss the political, economic, and social implications of this disruptive technology. Attendees will hear from blockchain thought leaders while participating in an extraordinary networking event aimed at understanding the challenges and opportunities of a blockchain future.

Speaker Lineup:

Hester Peirce, Commissioner on the Securities and

Exchange Commission


Amy Davine Kim, Global Policy Director and General Counsel
at the Chamber of Digital Commerce


Dan Larimer, Chief Technology Officer of