Bedford Business Game Plan

Where can you find a plan to grow your business? The Bedford Business Game Plan is a multi week seminar designed to help owners and leaders of businesses make positive adjustments to their business as we move past a Covid-19 pandemic economy. Attendees will hear from professionals in various fields such as Legal, HR, Banking, Marketing and Finance, as well as advisors and coaches from the Virginia Small Business Development Center that serves the Lynchburg Region.


Week 1 July 29:  COVID19 Challenges, Risks, SWOT Analysis, Pivoting
Week 2 August 5:  Revisit Hypotheses, Testing, MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Week 3 August 12:  Market – Products/Services Mix Adjustment, Pricing, Sales Strategy Changes (SEO, Sales Funnels, Strategies)
Work on your own, week of August 16 – 20
Week 4 August 26:  Improving Financials – Revenue, COGS, SG&A, Profitability
Week 5 September 2:  Improving Financials 2 – Local COVID Relief, Additional Capital Requirements (Debt and Equity), Burn Rates, Cash Flow Strategy
Week 6 September 9:  Legal Compliance Check (Operating Agreement, Contracts, Licenses, Taxes, Insurance)
Work on your own, week of September 13 – 17
Week 7 September 23 :  Success after this class, Mentors & Advisors
Week 8 September 30:  Grow the Right Team, Re-Org
Week 9 October 7: Gearing up for Scale – CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), Customer Purge, Various Revenue Streams

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