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Canon inks deal with local startup Card Isle to promote print-at-home greeting cards

BLACKSBURG — Hundreds of thousands of Canon customers are going to buy a new printer over the next year, and inside the box they’ll find instructions on how to make custom greeting cards at home courtesy of a local startup.

The marketing boost is part of a new partnership between Card Isle and Canon.

The industry giant is always looking for new ways customers can use its printers. First it decided on print-at-home greeting cards, and then it chose Card Isle to make it happen.

The deal, announced last week, called for Card Isle to create a web-based greeting card design platform that is compatible with Canon printers. In exchange, Canon will use its marketing power to send its customers Card Isle’s way.

Starting now, the reading material included in the box with Canon printers will point customers to cardisle.com. There, they can create an account, link their printer and purchase a starter pack of greeting cards.

Each card costs $3, sold in packs of 12 or 24.

The cardstock and envelops are included, but what you’re really buying is the design experience, Henry added.

“We have seen a shift in how consumers are using print within their daily lives — from personal use to home office needs,” Canon U.S.A. President and COO Kazuto Ogawa said in a press release this week. “Therefore it is imperative that our products extend beyond traditional usages and offer variety to our customers.”

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