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Botetourt County to build data center in Greenfield

DALEVILLE — Botetourt County announced Tuesday it will build a data center with the help of the Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority.

The center will be built within existing infrastructure in the Greenfield industrial park and is expected to be up and running by spring 2020. Supervisor Mac Scothorn announced the development at a broadband expansion event attended by Gov. Ralph Northam, who visited the region on Tuesday. Botetourt County has recently focused on bringing fiber access to its residents by 2023 through public-private partnerships.

“We all know how important internet access is, but getting it everywhere is only the first step,” Scothorn said. “The future of telecommunications advancement requires stability, redundancy and disaster recovery. We need fiber, wireless, high speed and lots of service options, but to encourage advancement, we also need commercial accessibility.”

A data center houses computer systems and their components, such as data storage or other telecommunications software. Large companies often have their own data centers around the country to back up data and house the hardware that runs the company’s network. So if one center is affected by natural disasters or an attack, the company can still function on its remaining data centers.

Storing information in a data center allows companies more reliability because centers are equipped with cooling systems, advanced backup generators and added security.

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