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Block.one unveils social media network at D.C. event


Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer strolled across the stage at a Washington, D.C., event on Saturday, backlit by a massive display and sporting an all-black outfit — reminiscent of Steve Jobs’ look when he used to announce new Apple products.

Blumer unveiled his 2-year-old company’s most tangible project to date: A social media network built on top of blockchain technology.

The application is called Voice.

It isn’t publicly available yet, as the website currently directs users to sign up for a pre-release beta.

But the announcement at least partially answers some of the questions swirling around this unique startup with a Blacksburg software development office and billions of dollars in the bank — but few signs of where that money is going.

Block.one launched two years ago with an ambitious plan to create blockchain software that could power the next generation of computers and fundamentally change society. Blockchain technology digitally stores information across a large network to prevent hacking and to increase transparency.

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