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Blacksburg inventor receives national exposure for new product

Rain nourishes the landscape and fills our reservoirs with drinking water, but it can also complicate the lives of home-builders and landscapers who need dry ground to do their job.

Locke White believes he has a cost-effective solution with his RainWater Absorbing System.

The Blacksburg inventor demonstrated the concept for us with a spray bottle and a small bag filled with a super-absorbent polymer.

Placed on the ground, bags of various sizes will soak up the rainfall, and prevent a muddy job site.

“The bag is able to absorb rainwater as it falls, instantly,” White told us.

White has licensed other concepts to companies including Procter and Gamble, and Hasbro.

And this weekend, his new invention will be featured on the CBS program Innovation Nation, which airs at 10:30 Saturday morning on WDBJ7.

“Ten minutes after the last rain drop, they’re back at work,” White said. “And the great thing is the bags can be dried on site, in just two or three hours, by just blowing air in with a basic fan.” White said they can also be re-used.

White said commercial builders and major retailers have expressed interest in the system. Now he’s looking for a company that can bring his rainy-day innovation to market.

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