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Arts & Extras: Data-driven art

Daniel Canogar turns data streams into visual art.

“What could be more intangible and immaterial than data?” he said. “It’s something that we’re so surrounded by. It’s actually affecting us in so many ways on a daily basis and we don’t really even see it or notice it.”

One of his works, “Xylem,” projected on a wall in the Moss Arts Center, presents the world’s daily economic data as a vertical cascades of numerals not unlike the representations of cyberspace seen in the 1999 blockbuster “The Matrix.” Occasionally the streams freeze, revealing the precise numbers and the names of the financial indexes. Another piece, called “Ripple,” opens new CNN videos as they’re posted online and uses them to create a colorful, mesmerizing, fluid abstraction.

Canogar, whose animated installations have turned heads in the European Union Council building in Belgium and the Tampa International Airport in Florida, is one of three artists contributing to “DATAFORM,” an exhibition of digital art that opened Thursday in all three of the center’s galleries.

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