Access to Capital Committee (A2C) Charter:


Purpose: The A2C will monitor capital access issues for high-growth start-ups in Region 2, develop and implement strategies to assure access to the continuum of capital sources, and conduct further research into the sustainability of the regional capital ecosystem.

Leadership: The A2C committee shall be co-chaired by a current Board member of the Valleys Innovation Council (to be selected by VIC leadership) and a non-VIC Board member (to be selected by the A2C committee members.  The term of chair leadership shall be 2 years, ideally staggered between the co-chairs.

Membership: The A2C committee shall be composed of a diverse cross-section of the community to include Entrepreneur/Founders, Capital providers (angel investors, seed investors, venture capitalists), early-stage financing experts, and entrepreneur support organization personnel.  There are no specified term limits for membership. See the full list below.

VIC Support: The Valleys Innovation Council will provide staff support for the A2C committee.  This will include items such as meeting communications and logistics (invitations, minutes, etc).  Staff will also assist with the identification of potential funding sources to strengthen the capital ecosystem.  Staff will support the development and submission of grant proposals supporting the work of the A2C committee.

Meetings: The A2C committee shall meet as needed as determined by the Committee leadership.  The expectation is that the committee will meet no less frequently than quarterly.

Reporting: The A2C committee shall provide regular updates and reports to the CEO of VIC and to the VIC Board as requested.









Access to Capital Committee Members


Member Region Stakeholder Organization
Kevin Carlson New River Valley Support Virginia Tech
Adam Donato New River Valley Entrepreneur Card Isle
Sam English (co-chair) Region 2 Support CIE Partners
Greg Feldmann Region 2 Support VIC/ Skyline Capital Strategies
Amanda Forrester Roanoke/NRV Support Roanoke SBDC
Keith Hartman (co-chair) Roanoke/NRV Support  
Larry Hatch Jr Greater Lynchburg Entrepreneur AMTI
Hal Irvin Roanoke-Alleghany Entrepreneur FBRI at VTC
Mary Miller Region 2 Support RAMP
Michael Miller Roanoke-Alleghany Investor VTIP, Retired
John Phillips Roanoke/NRV Support RBTC
Scott Pleasants Greater Lynchburg Support Innovate Lynchburg
Steve Turner New River Valley Entrepreneur CytoRecovery
Cindy Snider Region 2 Support VCC
Sarah Snider Roanoke-Alleghany Entrepreneur BEAM Diagnostics
Rick Sorenson Greater Lynchburg Support Woods Rodgers Law Firm

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